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I work with doctors and team members to help them grow their practice, educate their patients, and train everyone in the office to improve verbal skills, marketing and customer service.

My services include presenting seminars, facilitating workshops, and creating customized social media content.

Patient education videos, totally customized for your office are also available.

Free dental practice management information is provided weekly through my blogs and podcasts. Enter your e-mail in the box to get tips and content for team meetings.

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Seminar topics. Menu of popular dental practice management and marketing courses.
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Custom-made patient education videos featuring the doctor. Incredibly helpful for case acceptance and SEO.
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Creation of weekly customized social media content to educate patients and significantly improve the website’s search engine rankings.
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Personalized Team Training services in verbal skills and management conducted via the Internet to give team members the skills they need to provide first-class customer service, build trust, and increase case acceptance far beyond the limitations of dental insurance.
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In-office dental consulting. Programs tailored to each practice’s needs and goals.
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Posted on Sunday August 21, 2016

When a patient presents with a mouthful of major dental problems but is reluctant to accept treatment, what can you do to encourage case acceptance?   You can co-diagnose and cajole. You can soft-pedal and sugarcoat and offer to phase and stage. You can empathize and sympathize. While you try to educate, the patient chooses to … Continue reading Case Acceptance: Telling Like It Is

Posted on Tuesday June 28, 2016

Why do millennials matter?  They are the largest demographic group in the U.S. (84 million). Born between 1980 and1999 the millennials are now, in 2016, 17-36 years old. According to Marketing to Millennials by Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton, for millennials, it’s all about the experience, and they are already talking about you on social … Continue reading Millennials Matter: Give Them a Reason to Talk About You

Posted on Wednesday June 22, 2016

Presenting dental implant fees to create value is part of the patient education process.  In Part 2 of his interview with Dr. Neil Park of Glidewell, Dr. David Schwab explains how to use “fill-in-the-blank” marketing scripts to help team members communicate key dental implant benefits. Also, Dr. Schwab discusses “marketing by the power of 10” … Continue reading Presenting Dental Implant Fees to Create Value

Posted on Tuesday June 14, 2016

As a way of increasing case acceptance by making a great first impression, the doctor should call the patient prior to the first appointment. This phone call impresses the patient and sets the stage for the patient to trust the doctor and be amenable to treatment. Savvy dentists have found that this “pre-appointment phone call” … Continue reading Increasing Case Acceptance By Making a Great First Impression

Posted on Monday May 23, 2016

How do you help patients understand the value propositions behind the dental services you provide in order to increase case acceptance? Your 10 value propositions in dentistry should include: 1. You use only the finest dental materials. Crowns, for example, are replacement body parts. You do not use discount parts but only the best materials … Continue reading 10 Value Propositions to Increase Case Acceptance