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10 Value Propositions to Increase Case Acceptance

How do you help patients understand the value propositions behind the dental services you provide and increase case acceptance? Your 10 value propositions in dentistry should include:

  1. You use only the finest dental materials. Crowns, for example, are replacement body parts. You do not use discount parts but only the best materials because they are long-lasting and esthetically pleasing.
  2. You do not claim to be the lowest priced dentist, but your fees are an excellent value for the dollar. It is never cheaper to do it twice.
  3. Your practice is patient centered. That means that every decision, every recommendation is first seen through the prism of whether it is good for the patient.
  4. You have the very best equipment that allows you to diagnose and treat patients using state-of-the-art dentistry.
  5. You have been in the community for x years, and you plan to be there for many more years. Continuity of care is very important.
  6. You are concerned about the patient’s overall heath. If you routinely take the patient’s blood pressure or do oral cancer screenings, explain the critical importance of these services.
  7. You have exceptional diagnostic ability. The solution you propose will work in large part because you can accurately diagnose the problem in the first place.
  8. You are an artist and a scientist. The treatment you provide in your office is unique. Patients can get similar treatment somewhere else, but they can only get your artistry in your office.
  9. Dentistry is a customized service, not a commodity. People can buy mass produced items in a store or online and shop for the best price. However, a crown, for example, is a custom-made restoration for that fits one tooth in the mouth of only one of the 8 billion people on the planet. Your dentistry is one of a kind!
  10. You spend time with patients and get to know them. Patients are individuals, not numbers, and they are never rushed out of your office. You genuinely like your patients, and they appreciate your gentle manner. In sum, patients can trust you to keep them comfortable and provide them with excellent dentistry. Your loyal patients know that they get their money’s worth in your office.

These 10 value propositions are very powerful. While some patients want only the lowest price, no matter what, there are many good patients who are searching not for the lowest possible price, but the best possible value. That is what you deliver.

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