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David Schwab
David Schwab, Ph.D. is a popular speaker and dental practice management consultant.

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Consulting and Coaching:
Dental Practice Management

I travel across North America consulting with dental practices, and I also provide some focused coaching through Zoom. My approach is to listen and apply my expertise to your specific situation. I concentrate on team development, leadership, interpersonal skills, and practice growth.

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Dental Practice Management Testimonials

I can’t recommend David enough to a dental office looking for a consultant to take their business to the next level. I can’t thank him enough for his effort in making my periodontal office more efficient and more hospitable to our patients. Usually team members are nervous when they hear a consultant is coming in, but once they met David and saw the ideas he was proposing they were put at ease. He has a vast amount of experience and travels throughout the country to consult with other offices, so whatever situation you may have he has definitely seen before! - Stuart Beauchamp, DMD

I would like to recommend David Schwab as a tremendous resource for benefiting the practice of dentistry. I have known David for over a decade and have firsthand experience of what a difference he can make for myself, my staff, and my practice. He has a wealth of knowledge and can help in all aspects of dentistry from organization, communication, education, and marketing. If you have a need, he can fill it. I have always appreciated his dedication to my practice. Simply put, we are better because of David Schwab! - Jeff Capes, DMD, MD

David and I first met in 2020 as he was the dental practice management consultant for the practice where we were planning a transition to purchase. Throughout our transition process David worked tirelessly, using his overall practice management and marketing acumen to help form a game plan that integrated me smoothly both into the practice with the team and into the community with our referrals and patients. He's a vital member of our team bringing high character and a strong work ethic. He is very responsive and always only a phone call away with valuable advice and feedback! - Shadie Azar, DMD, MSD

I have known Dr. Schwab for many years, initially as the Executive Director of the American College of Prosthodontists and most recently as a dental practice management consultant and presenter. He is very knowledgeable in teaching us how to better communicate with patients. His protocols regarding follow up with new patients and treatment presentations result in getting “warm bodies in the chair.” Dr. Schwab’s lectures and delivery are both helpful and entertaining. He has so much to offer. His knowledge, skills, and abilities make him a uniquely qualified consultant and presenter to help us in private practice become more successful. - David S. Clary, DDS, MS, FACP

Dental Practice Management Seminars

My seminars are engaging and overflowing with practical dental practice management advice that you can take back to your dental practice and implement immediately. Topics covered include management, marketing, using social media and videos, patient education, team accountability, the best verbal skills, and following up with patients who are thinking about treatment.

Comments from seminar attendees:

  • An “11” on a scale of 1-10
  • Awesome! Fabulous!
  • Articulate, humorous, and inspirational.
  • Delivery was impassioned, lively, and interesting.
  • Content was relevant and specific.


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