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Team Training Video Series

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Seminar topics. Menu of popular dental practice management and marketing courses.
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Custom-made patient education videos featuring the doctor. Incredibly helpful for case acceptance and SEO.
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Creation of weekly customized social media content to educate patients and significantly improve the website’s search engine rankings.
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Personalized Team Training services in verbal skills and management conducted via the Internet to give team members the skills they need to provide first-class customer service, build trust, and increase case acceptance far beyond the limitations of dental insurance.
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In-office dental consulting. Programs tailored to each practice’s needs and goals.
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Posted on Saturday December 31, 2016

Your practice will grow in 2017 unless you lock the doors and put bars on the windows. Patients are going to demand dental services in the coming year for three very solid reasons. Consumer Confidence. In late 2016, consumer confidence hit a 15-year high. This confidence index is a psychological snapshot. When people feel more … Continue reading Three Reasons Your Practice Will Grow in 2017

Posted on Tuesday December 20, 2016

My new Team Training Video Series is now available!  The series consists of videos and written materials to help you implement proven practice management tips and concepts.  Here’s the link to all the info: Click here. There are twelve videos, each about 15 minutes in length, where I cover topics such as: Converting Internet Inquires into … Continue reading New Team Training Video Series Available!

Posted on Wednesday November 16, 2016

Verbal skills in a dental office are very important. Here are three things never to say to a patient in your dental office: 1. We will be happy to make an appointment for your initial visit. The term “initial visit” sounds somewhere between bland and boring; it certainly does not communicate value. A better phrase … Continue reading Three Things Never to Say to a Patient

Posted on Monday October 24, 2016

Magnetic dental marketing is all about attracting new patients.  You have walking billboards that frequently attract interest—your team.  Individuals who work in dental offices can turn inquiries into dental patients very easily by following some simple steps. When team members leave the office wearing clothing with the practice name and logo, they frequently attract attention.  … Continue reading Magnetic Dental Marketing to Attract New Patients

Posted on Thursday October 06, 2016

Dealing directly with your boss’s boss can be hazardous to your workplace health, something I know from experience.  I used to work for a very large organization. The CEO was a whip-smart and affable guy. In my first few weeks on the job, I would banter with him on the elevator, but I did not … Continue reading Taking Problems to Your Boss’s Boss Fraught with Peril