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Team Training Video Series

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Practice Management Seminar Topics. Menu of popular dental practice management and marketing courses.
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In-Office Workshops. Hands-on training in your office.
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Team Training Video Series. An entire year of practical, information-packed team meetings.
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Consulting. Programs tailored to each practice’s needs and goals.
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Customized Practice Videos Professionally Produced. Welcome to the Practice; patient testimonial videos; patient education videos featuring the doctor.
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Posted on Tuesday July 10, 2018

No Cost Dental Team Motivation is the topic of Episode 2 of The Personal Report, which is now available on YouTube. To see the video, click here: Here’s the transcript of Episode 2 on motivation. We have a great topic for you today: No Cost Team Motivation. So, how do we keep the team motivated? … Continue reading No Cost Dental Team Motivation

Posted on Monday July 02, 2018

Great athletes need coaches.  Great dentists need coaches, too.  Take advantage of the free consultation offer below. You may need a dental coach if: You are facing major decisions about the future of your practice. You are wondering if you should buy, sell, expand, cut back, or bring in another dentist.  Ask yourself:  Do I need … Continue reading You May Need a Coach If. . .

Posted on Tuesday June 26, 2018

The Personal Report has just launched on YouTube!  To see the video, click here.  The Personal Report will appear regularly with new episodes to help you train your team, educate your patients, and grow your practice. Here is the transcript of Episode 1. Welcome to The Personal Report.   Today, we have a great topic for … Continue reading Diffusing Difficult Situations in the Dental Office

Posted on Tuesday May 29, 2018

Team training for your dental team.  Everyone talks about it, but how do you do it effectively?  I was in Minnesota recently where I spoke at a study club meeting (fantastic turnout and enthusiasm!) and also had the privilege of doing a dental team training session for Centrasota Oral Surgery.  What a great practice! Part … Continue reading Team Training That Makes a Difference

Posted on Monday April 30, 2018

What is the ultimate secret of practice management? This blog is the final installment of my three-part series on how dental practices can learn from the phenomenal success of In the first part, I discussed the need for practice efficiency. The second lesson was about focusing on value, not price. Another lesson from Jeff … Continue reading Ultimate Secret of Practice Management