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Team Training Video Series

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Seminar topics. Menu of popular dental practice management and marketing courses.
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Custom-made patient education videos featuring the doctor. Incredibly helpful for case acceptance and SEO.
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Creation of weekly customized social media content to educate patients and significantly improve the website’s search engine rankings.
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Personalized Team Training services in verbal skills and management conducted via the Internet to give team members the skills they need to provide first-class customer service, build trust, and increase case acceptance far beyond the limitations of dental insurance.
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In-office dental consulting. Programs tailored to each practice’s needs and goals.
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Posted on Monday June 26, 2017

Summer is here and new doctors are joining dental practices.  Here are two great tips to get the word out to patients and the community. First, send an e-mail or letter to patients of record and be sure to include a photo of the new doctor and the established doctor.  Show them smiling and shaking … Continue reading Get the Word Out: New Docs Joining Dental Practices

Posted on Tuesday June 20, 2017

Reviews by happy patients on any review site are always welcome, but the ones that count the most are Google.  Why are five-star Google reviews so valuable? Google loves Google.  When you have many five-star reviews, you rank higher in search engine results. When patients see five-star Google reviews, they are more likely to choose … Continue reading The Best Reviews for Your Dental Practice: Five Stars on Google

Posted on Monday May 08, 2017

Many patients are shoppers and they often raise the cost question.  They want to know why it costs so much or they say they can get it cheaper somewhere else.  Here are five great responses. It’s never cheaper to do it twice. In our office, we are often called upon to give second opinions or … Continue reading Five Great Ways to Answer the Cost Question

Posted on Thursday April 06, 2017

Great interview questions, also called “killer” questions, were the subject of a previously published article.  You can see that information by clicking here.  Here are 10 more essential questions to help you find the right person. My comments to you appear after each question in square brackets [like this]. What marketing strategies should the practice … Continue reading Great Interview Questions to Help You Hire the Right Person in Your Dental Practice

Posted on Tuesday March 28, 2017

News releases help your dental practice in five major ways: News releases are a great way to boost your website search engine optimization (SEO). When a news release is published nationwide through a news distribution service, it will likely appear on the websites of various newspapers and television stations.  Your practice website URL is included … Continue reading Five Ways News Releases Help Your Dental Practice