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About David Schwab, Ph.D.
Best selling author Brian Tracy interviews David Schwab

David Schwab, Ph.D., is a professional speaker, author, and consultant who helps dentists grow their practices, educate their patients, and train their teams so that the practices will be more profitable.

An internationally known seminar speaker, Dr. Schwab presents practical, user-friendly practice management and marketing seminars for the entire dental team. Fast-paced, filled with humor, and overflowing with “pearls,” Dr. Schwab’s seminars are as popular as they are useful. His lecture topics include patient education, marketing, team training and accountability, effectively managing practice transitions, improving verbal skills, and increasing case acceptance.

Dr. Schwab also works extensively with referral-based practices to help dental specialists develop and maintain strong referral relationships. He works with specialists and small groups of general dentists to systematize referrals and develop outreach programs that attract more referral sources.

Prior to starting his own company, Dr. Schwab served as Director of Marketing for the American Dental Association and as Executive Director of the American College of Prosthodontists. He has also worked with numerous dental schools, major corporations, and private dental practices.

At the present time he runs a dental practice consulting firm, David Schwab & Associates, Inc. The company provides practice management seminars and team management and leadership training for dental professionals.

Recognized as a prolific author, Dr. Schwab’s practice management and marketing articles have appeared in numerous publications, including the Journal of the American Dental Association, Dental Economics, the Seattle Study Club Journal, and the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association.

Dr. Schwab holds a Ph.D. in English from Northwestern University.

A native of New Orleans, he currently lives in the Orlando, Florida area.