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Dental Practice Management Seminars
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Dr. Schwab’s lectures are in demand for all full-day and half-day events, including staff appreciation days, and doctors are always impressed by his insights into dental practice management and marketing. Using a combination of lecture and interactive sessions, he keeps the audience engaged while they are learning.

All descriptions listed below are full-day courses; half-day, evening, and webinar versions are available.


NEW! “Less Drama, More Dentistry: How to Reduce Stress and Increase Production”

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This course provides attendees with the best management protocols and verbal skills to educate patients, bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues, and grow the practice. This course will also address how to confidently present large treatment plans to increase case acceptance, and how to achieve insurance freedom and be totally fee-for-service. This presentation is overflowing with real-life, practical examples of management skills that everyone in the office—front and back--can apply immediately. Attendees will also receive invaluable tips for managing interpersonal conflicts. The seminar will also demonstrate how to improve team morale and communication to reduce stress and increase production..

“Creating a Culture of Accountability”Rock Climbers

This upbeat and motivational course has a very practical purpose: to help practices fully implement new ideas, protocols, and systems. This lecture gives all members of the team the skills they need to develop and formulate messages and protocols and hold everyone accountable for success. When the practice culture is about accountability, things get done and results are achieved. Attendees will learn how to develop a core marketing message and communicate it effectively to patients; get items checked off your “to-do” list so you can keep the practice moving forward; make sure that all patients know that you are accepting new patients; and turn every incoming call into a marketing opportunity. Attendees will leave with the skills they need to not just talk about but actually implement practice improvements.

“What to Say and How to Say It: 101 Best Verbal Skills for the Dental Team”

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Designed for the entire team, this essential course is filled with the best words and phrases to use in everyday situations. Attendees will learn how to respond politely and effectively to patients’ concerns regarding scheduling, fees, insurance, and more. The course will also address how to confidently explain the value of dental treatment. Presented within a framework of outstanding customer service, this course is overflowing with real-life, practical examples of communication skills that help build trust with patients. Attendees will also learn active listening skills, the right questions to ask patients, how to communicate effectively with patients in writing, and invaluable tips for diffusing difficult situations in the dental office. As a bonus, the course will also demonstrate how to improve team communication to reduce stress and increase production.

More comments from seminar attendees:

  • One of the best courses I have ever attended!
  • Thanks for a great course!
  • Informative and entertaining.
  • You were a great speaker and storyteller!
  • So much good information, I couldn’t write fast enough.
  • I loved your seminar!
  • I gained a lot of “gold nuggets” for the team!
  • We love the templates included in the handouts.
  • Best seminar I’ve been to by far and full of practical “real office” information.
  • You were AWESOME.! A very bright and clever presentation. Loved the new perspective.
  • Excellent lecture! We are excited to start implementing and improving!
  • Thank you for your superb presentation!
  • Loved your inspirational, comedic view/interpretation of our wonderful dental field.
  • We loved every minute of your program.
  • David’s courses are a must for the entire office to create the positive office culture we are all seeking!

For lecture fees and availability, please contact:

David Schwab, Ph.D.

PH 407.324.1333

Or by E-Mail