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Consulting Services
Consulting Services

As author David C. Baker says, “You can’t read your own label from inside the jar.”

You need an outside perspective.

Services for dentists include:

  • Coaching to develop your leadership/CEO skills.
  • Team training to educate patients.
  • Proven strategies to increase case acceptance and overcome insurance objections.
  • Messaging and positioning to set you apart.
  • Practice analysis regarding systems and efficiency to achieve growth.

The goal is to help you:

  • Be the best leader you can be!
  • Provide your team the training they need to reach their full potential.
  • Continue to provide the public with quality dental care as you grow your practice.

How it Works:

You have the option to select a four, eight, or twelve month program.

I will come to your office to conduct an analysis and in-office seminar for your team. The insights and recommendations provided will become our roadmap as we work closely together to follow up and make progress.

You also have the option for a lower fee if you choose to come here to sunny Orlando, Florida.

For details on all the options, please contact:

David Schwab, Ph.D.

Contact Us by E-mail