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5 Messages to Include When Introducing a New Doctor

To introduce a new doctor into a practice, you should send an e-mail or letter to patients of record with the following:

  1. Include a photo of Dr. Newcomer and Dr. Established. Show them smiling and shaking hands. If a new doctor is joining a group practice, then you need a photo of all the current doctors welcoming their new colleague.

    One patient said that he had not been to see his dentist in two years. He remembered getting a photo of the two doctors, so he called the practice and made an appointment with the new practitioner. The patient said he might have forgotten or passed over a written notice, but the image of the two doctors shaking hands stuck in his mind. When he was ready to seek dental services, he contacted the new dentist.

  2. Extend the Mantle of Trust to Dr. Newcomer. You want the letter to be engaging, not just a recap of Dr. Newcomer’s credentials. Dr. Established should state, “I have complete confidence in Dr. Newcomer.”
  3. Reassure Patients. There will be patients who wonder if Dr. Established is retiring. If Dr. Established will continue to work in the practice after Dr. Newcomer comes on board, Dr. Established should reassure patients of record by stating in the letter: “I’m not ready to retire yet. I’ll still be here for the foreseeable future.” Note that the phrase “foreseeable future” provides Dr. Established options because it is not specific—it could mean several months or several years.
  4. Emphasize the Benefits to the Patients. State in the letter, “With the addition of Dr. Newcomer, we are now able to schedule you sooner to meet your needs.”
  5. Let Patients Know that their Referrals are Welcome. “Our practice continues to grow through your referrals. Thank you for your confidence.”

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