Finishing the Year Strong

It’s time to gear up for the race to the end of 2020.  The upcoming holidays are our signal to turn the page, focus on success, and forge ahead.

I received a very kind note from a client as we wrapped up a long and successful project. “Your counsel provided my practice with the boost it needed to get over some tough times which in turn significantly reduced my personal stress levels,” he wrote.

I appreciated his comments because that is why I am here—to advise, be a sounding board, train the team, help increase production and case acceptance, and chart a path to success.

The best way to prepare for a strong 2021 is to finish 2020 on a high note. There is much work to be done in dental practices to make up for lost time and be positioned for the future.

I am optimistic that, at least from a business point of view, we have turned the corner as we roll into a new year.  Better days lie ahead.   

Some questions to ask yourself.  Will there be changes in the practice related to:

  • New team members?
  • New doctor?
  • Office renovation or new office?
  • Changes in insurance reimbursement?
  • Planning to retire within the next five years?
  • New technology or services offered?
  • Changes in hours of operation or scheduled appointment times?
  • Increased overhead?

The time to address these issues is now.  With good planning, 2021 can be a great success.  Let’s have a conversation.  To set up a call, contact me at