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Dental Team Training Videos
Dental Team Training Videos

I have developed 12 content-filled team training video sessions. Each session starts with a 12-15 minute video where I get right to the point. I give you practical practice management tips you can implement immediately. The remainder of the session is a workshop using the included resource materials. Each session takes a total of 45-60 minutes to complete.

Here are topics we’ll cover:

  1. Secrets of Magnetic Practices That Attract New Patients. It’s about attitude, customer service, and letting patients know that referrals are welcome and encouraged.
  2. First Class or Coach—It’s Up to You. Everyone claims to offer FC service, but we’ll define what that means. You don’t have to charge the highest fees to provide the best service.
  3. Converting Internet Inquiries into Patients. The Internet can be a great source of new patients but team members need to be taught specific skills for capturing those leads and turning them into patients.
  4. The Empathy Factor: How to Walk a Mile in Someone’s Shoes. There are always disputes between the front and the back. You can keep having those same, non-productive and frustrating team meetings—or use this meeting to teach empathy and make real progress toward teamwork and better scheduling.
  5. Value Propositions and Follow Up to Increase Case Acceptance. It’s not about the fee; it's about the value. The goal of this session is for everyone to be comfortable explaining value for the dollar.
  6. Practice Brand and Vision. Major companies have defined brands. Many dental practices suffer from a fuzzy identity. This is a great meeting to help you focus and get your messages across.
  7. Seven Marketing Strategies to Implement Now. I have identified the very best marketing strategies and this meeting will help you implement them right away.
  8. Achieving Excellence Through Accountability. When team members are motivated to be accountable to themselves, the practice thrives. This meeting is a terrific.
  9. Capturing Testimonial Comments. We talk about practical ways to capture comments from surveys I provide and also how to very easily produce in-office video testimonials that are extremely effective.
  10. Using Social Media to Reach Millennials and More. Social media is a hot topic. Here are very practical suggestions to create and post new content to social media on a regular basis. Great for search engine optimization and engaging patients.
  11. The Right Words: Great Verbal Skills for the Team. One of my most popular seminar segments. Everyone wants the right words and I give them to you in this content-filled meeting.
  12. Newton’s Laws of Dental Dynamics: Taking Your Practice to the Next Level. If you really want to move the practice forward, you need to overcome inertia, get moving, and be prepared for resistance. It’s another highly practical meeting that motivates everyone to get things done. Bonus. We end with reading assignments that you can use for future meetings beyond these videos.

Each video is accompanied by essential written materials:

  1. Meeting summary.
  2. Agenda/handout for your team-led discussion session.
  3. Action plan form to get you organized.

Watch the training videos as often as you like, whenever you like, in any order you like.

Watch this video now that explains the series in detail.

How it Works. When you order, you will receive an e-mail with a link. Just click and watch! That’s it!

This entire series, including access to all 12 videos and the written materials for each session, is just $697!

There’s no risk. You have a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied, let us know within 60 days of receiving your access code and you will get a full refund.

Attract more patients, run the practice more efficiently, reduce stress, and increase case acceptance without the expense of hiring an on-site consultant. Take advantage now of this special offer for the unique, new Team Training Video Series.

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