Great Interview Questions to Help You Hire the Right Person in Your Dental Practice

Great interview questions, also called “killer” questions, were the subject of a previously published article.  You can see that information by clicking here.  Here are 10 more essential questions to help you find the right person.

My comments to you appear after each question in square brackets [like this].

  1. What marketing strategies should the practice use to attract new patients? [This one is on the list of great interview questions because marketing is everyone’s job.  You should not expect someone to give you a complete marketing plan, but everyone who works in a dental office should have ideas about practice growth.
  2. How will you help implement these ideas? [You want to know how your prospective employee will help in this regard, not just give you advice.]
  3. What are you looking for in a boss? [If the person gives a bland answer such as “nice” or “fair,” probe more deeply.  How does the person define those terms?]
  4. What is the funniest thing that ever happened to you? [Interviews can be stressful.  This question is designed to lighten the tone and let you find out if the interviewee has a sense of humor.]
  5. Someone who has not decided on a career asks you about opportunities in dentistry. What would you tell that person?  What pros and cons would you bring up?  [Prepare to be enlightened.  This answer will reveal whether the interviewee is truly dedicated to the dental profession and whether they are an optimist or a pessimist.]
  6. What are your interpersonal strengths? [The word “interpersonal” is key. Someone might talk about a specific skills, such as organizational ability, which is commendable, but you want to know about interpersonal strengths.  You are looking for someone who can get along with many different personality types.]
  7. No one is perfect. What are your weaknesses?  [There are people who try to spin this answer.  Someone might say, “Sometimes I work too hard” or “I have a tendency to be a perfectionist.”  You are looking for an honest self-assessment.]
  8. Describe a high pressure situation related or unrelated or unrelated to dentistry that you dealt with in the past. How did you handle it?  [Dealing with stress is an important skill.  This answer to this question will be very revealing.]
  9. Who has been the most important person in your own self-development? [Most people have mentors, role models, heroes.  You want to know about these key people who helped shape the interviewee.]
  10. Why do you have a passion for dentistry? [Of all the great interview questions, this one may be the best.  It assumes that the person does indeed have a passion for dentistry.  Be wary of the person who searches in vain for an answer, or the person who describes their “passion” in very flat terms.]

Caution: Do not conduct an interview with a prospective employee without using this list of great interview questions.  You and your practice deserve the best, and this list is a valuable aid.