Five Great Ways to Answer the Cost Question

Many patients are shoppers and they often raise the cost question.  They want to know why it costs so much or they say they can get it cheaper somewhere else.  Here are five great responses.

  1. It’s never cheaper to do it twice. In our office, we are often called upon to give second opinions or to re-treat patients who were initially treated in another office.  Our goal is to do it once and do it right.  When you come to our office, you get the benefit of our time, our expertise, and the best dental materials available.
  2. Dentistry is an art and a science, and all treatment is unique. You can get similar treatment in another office, but just as every original work of art is one-of-a-kind, the care we provide is unique to this office.
  3. We occasionally lose patients because of fees, but we never lose patients because of quality. It’s always possible to shop around and find a lower fee, and we do not claim to be the lowest priced dental practice in our area.  However, we offer quality dental care.  We have many loyal patients who want only the best dental care possible.
  4. We invite you to review our testimonials. We understand that patients have concerns about fees, and we think that our best ambassadors are previous patients who have had extensive treatment in our office.  We have many happy patients because we have high standards and we truly care about our patients.
  5. Don’t compare apples and oranges when you ask the cost question. Sometimes patients are told that they can get “it” cheaper in another office, but that begs the question—what is “it”?  Be sure that you are comparing the exact same scope of treatment.  Ask about experience and follow-up care.  Savvy shoppers often choose us not because we have the lowest fee, but because we offer the best value.

When you are prepared for the cost question, you can confidently address patients’ concerns and reaffirm your commitment to quality dentistry.