dental hygiene visits

Dental Hygiene Visit: It’s Not Just a Cleaning.

A dental hygiene visit in our office is not just a cleaning.  It’s an important health visit with many important benefits to you:

  1. Think of a hygiene visit as the cheapest form of dental insurance.  The best way to protect your oral health and avoid major dental problems in the future is to have regular check-ups, including hygiene visits. 
  2. Hygiene visits help protect your investment in dental treatment.  Keep up with your dental hygiene appointments to get the most out of the dental care you have received.
  3. Losing teeth is not a natural part of the aging process.  With proper care, you can keep your teeth indefinitely, even a lifetime. 
  4. Periodontal (gum) disease is often a “silent disease.”  Just as many people are unaware that they have high blood pressure, gum disease often does not have noticeable symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage.  Dental hygiene visits help keep your gums healthy.
  5. Oral health is part of overall health.  There is an increasing body of knowledge showing relationships between good oral health and overall health.  For example, gum disease may make it harder for patients to control diabetes.  While more research is needed, gum disease has also been associated with other systemic diseases.  Our motto is, “healthy mouth/healthy body.”

Enjoy the fresh and clean feeling in your mouth after a dental hygiene visit, but remember, it’s so much more than a cleaning.