New Team Training Video Series Available!

My new Team Training Video Series is now available!  The series consists of videos and written materials to help you implement proven practice management tips and concepts.  Here’s the link to all the info: Click here.

There are twelve videos, each about 15 minutes in length, where I cover topics such as:

  • Converting Internet Inquires into Patients
  • Using Social Media to Reach Millennials and More
  • Great Verbal Skills for the Dental Team
  • Secrets of Magnetic Practices that Attract New Patients

Watch each video and fill in the blanks in the accompanying handout.  Then have a great team meeting using the resource materials provided.

The videos are accessed through the Internet.  Team members can watch on their own smart phones, tablets, or the office computers.  Sign up, get the link, and you are all set.  Watch the videos whenever you want, in an order you want, and as many times as you want.

This series effectively gives you an entire year of team training meetings.  I set the stage in the videos and then you use the written materials to implement specific action steps.  It’s a practical, cookbook approach that also allows for team discussion.

These videos are also great to help bring a new team member up to speed or to get everyone on the team on the same page.  There just is no substitute for team training, and this series bridges the gap between my content-filled practice management seminars and putting tips into practice in your dental office.

Here’s the bottom line:  I really enjoy doing in-office consulting, but if you want me to virtual appear in your office once a month for an entire year, then this Team Training Video is an outstanding value, especially at the low, introductory price.

Best wishes to all for a great holiday season and a terrific 2017.  Click the link for all the info, an explanatory video,  and ordering information.  Click here now.