Get the Word Out: New Docs Joining Dental Practices

Summer is here and new doctors are joining dental practices.  Here are two great tips to get the word out to patients and the community.

First, send an e-mail or letter to patients of record and be sure to include a photo of the new doctor and the established doctor.  Show them smiling and shaking hands.  The established doctor has spent years building up trust with patients.  A photo of two doctors shaking hands strongly implies that the mantle of trust is now being shared with the new doctor.  If a new doctor is joining a group practice, then you need a photo of all the current doctors welcoming their new colleague.

One patient said that he had not been to see his dentist in two years.  He remembered getting a photo of the two doctors, so he called the practice and made an appointment with the new doctor.  He said he might have forgotten or passed over a written notice, but the image stuck in his mind.  When he was ready to seek dental services, he contacted the new dentist.

Next, send out a news release.  You want to generate some publicity for your practice, and bringing in a new doctor qualifies as “news.”  To learn more about the power of news releases, see my blog called “Five Ways News Releases Help Your Dental Practice.”

You may have heard the phrase, “yesterday’s news.”  For something to be newsworthy, it has to be fresh and new.  If the new doctor is joining the practice this summer, then now is the time to get the news release out.  Don’t wait until the fall or the end of the year; act now while the information is timely.  You should begin planning to get your release out even if the new doctor has not officially started.

I help practices get the word out to patients and the public about new events by creating well-crafted letters and news releases.  Take advantage of my “summer special.”  Contact me now for a free consultation and let’s talk about getting the word out regarding the new doctor in the practice:







The Best Reviews for Your Dental Practice: Five Stars on Google

Reviews by happy patients on any review site are always welcome, but the ones that count the most are Google.  Why are five-star Google reviews so valuable?

Google loves Google.  When you have many five-star reviews, you rank higher in search engine results.

When patients see five-star Google reviews, they are more likely to choose your practice.  A recent survey showed that 90% of respondents said that positive reviews of businesses influenced their purchasing decisions.

Those great testimonials on other sites are certainly worth having, but Google is the “gold standard.”  You gain credibility.  Think about it.  Because you are serving the public, you need a steady stream of new patients.  Those patients use Google.  They are influenced by what others are saying.  Take a look at how many great Google reviews your competitors have racked up and you be motivated to get more of your own.

You first have to create or claim your Google business listing. Navigate to Google My Business.

Just follow the instructions.  Make sure that the information is correct and be sure to add a photo if one is not already on your listing.

Ask patients who have already given you a five-star review to please review you on Google.  If you get just one new, five-star Google review per month, you will reap great benefits over time.


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