Millennials Matter: Give Them a Reason to Talk About You

Why do millennials matter?  They are the largest demographic group in the U.S. (84 million). Born between 1980 and1999 the millennials are now, in 2016, 17-36 years old. According to Marketing to Millennials by Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton, for millennials, it’s all about the experience, and they are already talking about you on social media. Not only are the millennials digital natives who are avid users of social media, they are also influencing other groups such as the baby boomers who often emulate their behavior.

I recently did a search on for an SD card for computer memory storage. One card had a list price of $8.47 and over 10,000 reviews. Think about that. Over 10,000 people have taken the time to give their opinion of an item that costs less then ten dollars. Using reviews to check out products or services prior to making a purchase has become part of our culture, and the millennials are leading the way on social media.

Millennials want to know what their friends think and they also want to know what groups of people are thinking so they can make an informed decision. They are likely to review your dental practice to add to the database and help others.

Because millennials value the experience, it is important that you use that word in your marketing. “Our goal is to give you a great experience!” Once you make good on your promise, offer to take a photo of the patient who has just completed a cosmetic procedure. The photo should be of the smiling, happy patient and the doctor. Immediately e-mail or text that photo to the patient and say, “We are so happy that you are pleased with your new smile. Feel free to share this photo.” Millennials will often oblige—and presto—the photo goes out through a millennial network.

The photo says it all because it shows a happy patient, great dentistry, and the doctor who made it all possible. It’s free publicity for your dental practice because you have a good relationship with a millennial who is inclined to share experiences with friends.  You set the stage by providing a great experience and value.  (For a discussion 10 Value Propositions, click here.)  Your patient has just become your greatest spokesperson.

Millennials matter.