Dental Disruptions: New Course

Here’s a very timely new dental practice management course. Attention Meeting Planners: This course is available for you to schedule for your dental organization. It’s designed for dentists and dental teams.

Dental Disruptions Course Description: The dental practice environment has changed more in the last five years than in the previous twenty years.  Solo practices in particular are facing overhead and staffing challenges; more group practices are emerging; and DSO’s are offering opportunities and challenges.  At the same time, technology is revolutionizing not only clinical dentistry but also the business side.  

This course teaches dental professionals how to stay ahead of the curve, find the best practice model to suit individual needs, and use technology wisely while retaining the personal touch with patients.  This very timely course shows practices how changes in dentistry can liberate dentists and team members from routine tasks and also allow them to take advantage of high-tech, cost-effective target marketing.

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