How to Write Killer Content for Social Media

Wanted: killer content.  In my last blog I talked about how to fill up your blog “bucket” on your website with content and send that content out to social media.  (Click here to see that post.)  Here are some tips for writing killer social media content.

  1. Start with a compelling title.  If you are writing about dental implants, for example, here’s a sample title:  Dental implants Give Woman, 85, New Lease on Life Says Dallas Dentist Dr. John Smile.  The opening provides a success story in just a few words. There is an 85-year-old woman who is now very happy with dental implants, so the reader is thinking that, yes, older adults can have dental implants.
  2. Put key words in the title. “Dental implants” is a good choice.  Notice also that the phrase “Dallas dentist” is included.  Some people search for that exact term.  The doctor’s name is also included in the headline.  You want to be very visible on the web.  The more times your name is mentioned in a professional context, the better.
  3. Limit the title to no more than 70 characters, including spaces. There are different authorities who will give you a slightly lower or higher number, but 70 characters maximum for a blog title will work out fine.  If the title is longer, it will likely be cut off by the search engine results page (SERP).
  4. Make the blog interesting and informative. Here is an excerpt from the body of the blog:  “When I first met her, the patient was unhappy.  She could not eat the foods of her choice and she thought she was too old to have dental implant treatment.  Now that her dental implant treatment has been completed, she never stops smiling!  She eats all her favorite foods, she has a terrific smile, and she does not have to worry about traditional dentures that slip, click, or cause embarrassment.  She says she feels young again thanks to dental implants, and she certainly acts that way.”  Now that’s killer content!
  5. Include a link to your website at the end of the blog. Some people will click and be taken right to your website.  Your content is not only about your practice; it leads back to your practice.
  6. Use different authors. When I write blogs and social media content for dental practices, I interview not only the doctor, but team members as well.  The result is that there are blogs from the doctor and also some from the unique perspective of the team
  7. Include an image to make the blog post memorable.  An image helps give the blog credibility and may induce someone to spend extra time looking at your blog post and reading it.  A great site for finding free images is

In Part 3, I will discuss how to find a never-ending source of killer content for your blogs and social media accounts right in own practice.