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Free Verbal Skills Training Video
For the Dental Team

David Schwab, Ph.D. reveals specific, practical verbal skills to effectively handle money
objections and increase case acceptance.

Benefits of Team Verbal Skills Training

  • Greater confidence and customer service - spot on verbal skills.
  • More team accountability - less drama/more dentistry.
  • Streamlined systems - greater efficiency.
  • Effective internal marketing - more of the “right” patients.
  • Never be at a loss for words - know how to handle "sticky situations."
  • Improved case acceptance = increased production.


David Schwab, Ph.D. is a popular speaker and consultant.

About the Speaker:

David Schwab, Ph.D., is a motivational speaker and consultant who has presented practice management courses and workshops to tens of thousands of dentists. Dr. Schwab has served as Director of Marketing for the ADA and as Executive Director of the American College of Prosthodontists. He consults with dentists to grow practices, educate patients and train teams to make practices more profitable.

Here are some comments from consulting clients:

  • "Invaluable Asset."
  • "Bursting with advice and information."
  • "Helped us greatly with staff issues."
  • "Excellent listener."
  • "Helped transform my staff into a team."
  • "Outstanding verbal and writing skills."

The best time to start improving your practice was yesterday. The next best time is NOW.

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